4. Juni 2014

Yarn Along: Baby Hat & Shoes

Baby's arrival is getting really close now. As I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy and my daughter was three weeks early I'm getting closely monitored now. My blood pressure is getting higher, I feel the water in my hands and feet especially in the morning and my face is getting quite round. So far everything is going well and Baby is happily kicking and rolling in my tummy. But the doc said it might be arriving within the next three weeks and already weighs about 2800 gram! Whoo, I need to get things organised around here, I think!

Baby ist fast da! Die Zeichen mehren sich, dass es wieder vor dem Termin erscheinen wird. Statt zu putzen und Kleidung zu waschen, habe ich erstmal ein paar Strickprojekte beendet. Wie gut, dass an der Babydecke jetzt nur noch ein paar Reihen fehlen! Und auch die geplante 'Teufelskappe' nach einem DROPS garnstudio Muster ist fertig und passt gut zur Weste.

Instead of cleaning the house and baby clothes and borrowing things like cradle and sling I've finished a few Baby knits :-) I'm glad there are only a couple of rows left on the baby blanket (a purlbee design idea) and I've finished the little aviator hat to go with the little vest I've finished a couple of weeks ago.

baby avaiator hat

baby teufelsmuetze aviator hat

Due to the water in my hands I have serious carpal tunnel syndrome again - in the morning it is worst but usually gets a little better throughout the day. My finger are getting numb and my wrist are hurting so badly I've stopped knitting and only do a little machine sewing now and finishing the last dolls - like most recently Frederik and Lotta.

The pattern for the hat I found at garnstudio - it is easy, quick and for free but only available in German. I'm sure there are aviator hat pattern on revalry too. These hats just really fit Babys heads and don't flop around and come down over their eyes all the time. It is a very common shape here in Germany and it is widely used but it is the first time I've knitted one myself.

baby teufelsmuetze aviator hat

baby teufelsmuetze aviator hat

The pattern looks like a slightly irregular 'zig-zag' that comes together in a very clever shape which covers the ears, the neck and forehead nice and snugly. 

I've also finished a pair of tiny shoes. It is a leftover yarn of the same Yak quality as hat and vest in a lovely lilac colour. As we still don't know if we are having a boy or a girl I just took a little risk here :-)

Auch ein paar Schuhe habe ich gestrickt - aus einem Rest Flieder-Yak.
Und die letzten Puppen werden fertig - vor kurzem Frederik und Lotta. Wie gut, dass meine Karpaltunnelsyndrom geplagten Finger nun bald eine Pause bekommen. 

Und was wir grade lesen, fragt Ginny beim Yarn Along immer. Americanah von Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie! Ein wundervolles Buch voller Liebe, Farbe, Lebendigkeit, dass mir auf faszinierende Weise die Welt (na, insbesondere US-Amerika) durch die Augen einer in Nigeria geborenen jungen Frau zeigt. Sehr empfehlenswert!! Und jetzt drehe ich eine Runde bei Ginnys Yarn Along
Herzlichst, Lena

I'm reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I really enjoy it a lot! It is a love story and you get really close to the characters - they are so alive! But the most interesting part for me is to see the US through the eyes of a Nigerian born woman that starts living between cultures. It is a truly inspiring and eye opening book.

Have a lovely day and a look-around at Ginny's Yarn Along


  1. Your baby knits are precious! I think that is a very ingenious design for a baby hat.

  2. Hello

    Sweet baby knits and gorgeous dolls.
    best wishes for your birth.

  3. Sweetest baby knits! Wishes to you for a smooth delivery! *hugs* :)

  4. Wunderschöne Sachen hast du für das Baby gezaubert,ganz toll.
    Alles Gute für dich !!!

    Liebe Grüsse

  5. That baby hat is brilliant! Congrats on your impending arrival!


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