26. März 2014

Yarn Along - Baby Cardigan

I bought this bright blue yarn - the colour is called King Ludwig Blue - a while ago. It made me dream about the summery colours of the south like white washed walls with blue window frames, the deep blue sea and bright sky above, of tangerine orange peel and black glittering sand dunes. All of this became true for two weeks on Tenerife. And I started happily knitting a little cardigan for our second child we are expecting in July. And no, we don't know whether it is a girl or a boy and this is one of the biggest surprises in life isn't it? The baby is kicking a lot now and I especially feel it while sitting down quietly for my knitting. It makes me wonder who this new member of our family will be!

The wool I'm using is by Rosy Green Wool. It is organic virgin merino wool from England. It is just divine - super soft and with a yummy smell and so many lovely colours it is hard to decide which to pick. And it is machine washable. That might come in handy.

The pattern is made up just by gauge and measurements. The finished jacket will be about 30 cm wide, 25 cm long and the arm holes are about 16 cm in diameter. I just worked around these measures with a very simple seamless pattern I also use for my dolls. To make it a bit more special and because ours will be a summer baby I added a little bit of a 'lace' pattern. And now I will have to look for three tiny buttons - I loooove a good reason to shop for buttons!

About the reading: I first came across Bill Bryson when we moved to Australia for a couple of years and got 'The sunburnt Country' as a present. This book about the history of almost everything - as he puts it in the title - is an interesting and amusing read to somebody so far away from natural science as I am. It is mesmerizing to follow the stories of people who underwent the most crazy and enduring travels, experiments and calculations to understand how our world and our universe came into being, how it works as a whole and how it all measures up. The results of their work are interesting in themselves but I marvel at their thirst for knowledge and their capacity of thinking. And as so typical with Bryson there is a good laugh about things gone wrong, eccentric personnel and discoveries just made by chance in every chapter too.

And now, for the first time in many weeks I'll head over to Ginny's Yarn Along and see what everybody else is up to!

25. März 2014

Frühlingsfee Jordis

Jordis ist ein Puppenkind des Frühlings. Sie ist beim stetig zunehmendem Gesang der Meisen und Amseln entstanden und mit ihr kam das Licht und das erste Grün. Der Blumenkranz ist ein spezieller Wunsch ihrer Puppenmutter - seither habe ich den Kopf voller Haarschmuckideen :-)

Hier war es lange still. Nach zwei anstrengenden Wochen mit vielen Terminen und Verpflichtungen ganz jenseits der Puppen sind wir 14 Tage in die Sonne Teneriffas entflohen. Wie verwandelt und aufgetankt sind wir zurück. Wir sind durchdrungen von Meeresrauschen, Sonnenwärme, Orangenduft, Wind, Salz, Sand und haben viele Kilometer Strand, Berge und Wasser unter den Füßen und Segeln.

Wie schön, dass sich in der Heimat auch der Frühling festgesetzt hat! Kirsch- und Apfelblüten, Osterglocken, Magnolien, Weißdornduft und grüne Blattspitzen all überall - und das im März!

Mein Herz ist voller Pläne: Hollunderpfannkuchen und Stachelbeerkuchen backen, Oster- und Maifeuer anzünden, Fahrradtouren ins Alte Land machen, Rhabarberkompott kochen, Balkon bepflanzen, Alster-Paddeln, Spargel und Erdbeeren essen, Grillen, im See baden, wieder und wieder ans Meer fahren... Wie sehr sich doch der Lebensrhythmus verändert zwischen Weihnachten und Aufblühen der Natur!

Und nun freue ich mich nach so langer Abstinenz auf eine Frühlingsrunde beim creadienstag!

Herzlichst, Eure Lena

Jordis is a little spring fairy! The flowery wrath is a Special request of her new mother. And now I can't get my head off ideas around hair-dos :-) This doll girl came into the world amidst the awakening of spring, the first green leaves, the always so new songs of the birds.

It has been very quite around here for the last couple of weeks. After stressful times away from doll making we finally escaped for a lovely two weeks to the sunny island of Tenerife. We are drenched in warmth and orange scent, salt, sand and the sound of the sea.

My heart is full of plans: Bonfires, BBQs, strawberry cakes, daytrips to the sea and the lakes, cycling into the country to smell all the wonderful cherry and apple blossoms and lilac... How different is the rhythm of life now that the light and green is back!

And now I'm looking forward to a long missed round at creadienstag!

Take care, Lena