30. April 2014

A Girl's Vest

Amidst my baby knitting frenzy the soon to be big sister requested a new pair of trousers "with lots of stars" and a new vest "in my own colours". She added: "It's my turn!" How right she is!

The trousers are done and she loves them. She told me: "How lucky am I to have a mother who can make such comfy pants." How lucky am I to get such compliments?!

The vest is in the making. She picked the colours and decided about the stripes. When I heard "light blue and purple and stripes" I wasn't too sure but her choice of colour is quite subtle and I like how it is turning out.

Ich habe so viel Babysachen gestrickt. Da sagte die Tochter: Jetzt bin ich drann! Stimmt. 
Sie wollte eine Hose mit vielen Sternen und einen neuen Pullover mit "ihren eigenen Farben". Die Hose ist fertig, ich zeig sie kommende Woche. Der Pulli braucht noch etwas.

stricken kinder zauberflink
Yarn Along - Girl's Vest

I'm reading "Die Hebammensprechstunde" (consultation at the midwife) by Ingeborg Stadelmann. It covers all pregnancy concerns and has a strong focus on gentle, natural birth and natural midwife care. It is a lovely and encorouging read. Unfotunately, it is only available in German.

Besides my yoga practice this is the only visible "preparation" for birthing I'm doing this time. Of course there is much more going on - a lot of meditation, singing, talking to baby, listening and feeling, wondering, comparing and a huge joy of being given the chance to experience all of this all over again.

Ich lese die Hebeammensprechstunde von Ingeborg Stadelmann. Ein sanftes und ermutigendes Buch mit einem Fokus auf sanfter Geburt und Vorsorge. Neben meinem Yoga ist es die einzige sichtbare Vorbereitung - aber so vieles geschieht im verborgenen :-) Mir geht es sehr gut. Nach einer ersten wundervollen und einfachen Geburt, bin ich sehr entspannt, vorfreudig und dankbar, dieses Wunder noch einmal zu erleben.

New leaves in Hamburg

I'm in a very good place right now. I feel great. I experienced an easy and joyous birth with my first child and feel very strong and relaxed about the second. Of course I'm excited and I'm wondering about who this new person will be. But I'm so much less apprehensive and really looking forward to birthing this baby.

Sunset Balcony

We'll be off to Berlin visiting friends and family, so I wont be around till next week.
See you then! Take care! And have a look around Ginny's Yarn Along!


  1. Such a pretty sweater, love the color choices! So nice to hear someone looking forward to childbirth! I have thoroughly enjoyed all 8 of mine! Having a good mindset is so important! I look forward to hearing your birth story!!

  2. You are lucky to have a girl that so appreciates your knitting@ Soak it up while you can ;)

  3. Beautiful sweater, the colour combination is gorgeous. Hope all goes well with the birth of a wonderful new little person.

  4. That's a lovely compliment! The colours used for the vest are really nice and that shade of purple is gorgeous. It's nice to hear you are so relaxed about your baby arriving :)

  5. I really love that you stuck with your daughter's color wishes even though you weren't sure if they would work out. I think the colors work really well together.


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