3. September 2014

Baby Dress Finished

babykleid stricken

It's getting cool on this side of the world - autumn seems to be close!
I've finished the little cotton dress and it already gets a lot of wear - perfect for keeping a tiny back and tummy warm!
I didn't use a pattern - just made it up while knitting: straight up from the hemline, reducing stiches by half for the yoke and then forming a very simple neck line with two buttons on the left shoulder.
I hope it will grow with baby and will function as a light top next spring.
Das Strickkleid für die kleine Madam ist fertig. Sie hatte es schon ein paar mal an - z.B. Montag - und es gefällt uns gut. Ich habe ohne Strickmuster losgestrickt: von unten grade hoch, dann für die Kräuselung je zwei Maschen zusammengestrickt (Maschenzahl halbiert) und schließlich den Ausschnitt geformt. Die zwei Knöpfe auf der Schulter machen das An- und Ausziehen leichter.  

babykleid stricken
I've made a tiny pair of shoes to go with it. You might have seen them last week already.
I've started the booties and some doll's hats but forgot to take pictures so you just have to believe me ;-) And I'm still reading 'The Wise Heart' by Jack Kornfield. I don't have much time for reading though... with all this knitting and breastfeeding going on around here!
Feeding time is my biggest joy these days. I feel so happy and calm while disappearing into the 'breastfeeding bubble'. Did you breastfeed your babies? If all works well it is so lovely, isn't it?
babykleid stricken
I went to quite some trouble breastfeeding number one:
She had jaundice and was very sleepy. I had far too much milk and very tender breasts for months. I got  mastitis twice and even ended up in hospital. This all resulted in a lot of stress, sore nipples, the use of a nipple shield, poor weight gain... It took almost four months to sort it out and get more relaxed. Although I finally breastfed for a whole year I never really liked feeding outside and got lumpy breasts almost till the end.
This time I was really quite scared it might get difficult again but was determined to try and give it another shot. And guess what happened? It has been all easy sailing right from the start!
My sore nipples healed in a week. I have plenty of milk but my breast got only full and lumpy for a couple of days. I've been out of the house from day nine after birth and feel happy and confident to feed everywhere.

Meine schönste Zeit des Tages ist derzeit das Stillen. Bei der Großen war's schwierig - Gelbsucht, zu viel Milch, wunde Brustwarzen, Stillhütchen, zu langsame Gewichtszunahme... Ich hatte schon echt Bammel, das es wieder so schwierig wird, aber diesmal läuft alles entspannt und prima!
babykleid stricken
How come? What's different this time? Her is what helped:
We went home from hospital early - after 36 hours. We've had a wonderful midwife coming to our house every day. I just relaxed in bed, enjoying my baby skin to skin and eat good food :-)
With my sore nipples I used silk breast pads and multi mam compresses - worked wonders!
Taking magnesium and calcium, using a firm fitting bra and warming breasts with hot damp cloth before feeds and cooling them for 20 min after feeds really helped to calm down my lumpy and full breasts.

Warum? Was ist diesmal anders? Wir sind nach der Geburt ganz schnell nach Hause, da konnte ich mich viel besser entspannen. Meine wunderbare Hebamme kam täglich. Gegen wunde Brustwarzen haben Seidenstilleinlagen und Multi Mam Kompressen toll geholfen. Und Magnesium und Calcium sowie wärmen der Brust vor dem Stillen und kühlen danach haben meiner Brust geholfen, sich schnell einzufinden und nicht die ganz große Überproduktion zu starten. Seit dem neuenten Tag nach der Geburt stille ich nun überall und zwar entspannt und gerne. Wie war's bei euch? Habt ihr gestillt? Wollt ihr's wieder beim nächsten Kind?
babykleid stricken
Feeding time now is the most special time of the day!
How did it go with you? Would you do it again? Was it different with each child? I'd love to know!

babykleid stricken

And do you like washing your knits by hand? I do!

Linking with Ginny and wishing you all happy knitting and happy reading!

Viel Spaß beim Stricken und Lesen - vielleicht auch bei Ginny! Und weitere schöne Dinge gibt es auch immer bei Kiddikram und Meitlisache.
Herzlichst, Lena


  1. Oh my word I love that dress.

    I've got three kiddos now, four years down to 2 months. I've breastfed all of them successfully so far.
    My first was a very enthusiastic nurser. He figured out right away how to grab on with both hands and put his mouth right on me. It was kind of entertaining how much he appeared to enjoy nursing. I didn't have to help him at all.
    My second did well with breastfeeding too. He wasn't as proactive about eating as my first but he would massage me while eating to get more milk.
    My third gets interrupted a lot while eating, thanks to her big brothers. I pump a lot of milk so that I don't hurt as much. I also pump because I'm working and going back to school. She sleeps a LOT, but she has been gaining weight like crazy. I know my breast milk has a high fat content because it separates in the bottles after pumping. Maybe you could try changing your diet to get more fat and calories to help your little one put on a little more weight? Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Christine, it's interesting how different children are even in nursing isn't it? My first daughter was very keen but got discouraged because of the nipple shield at first. Once that was out of the way and I got more relaxed she put weight on very quickly. With my second who is eight weeks old now nursing is very easy and she has been putting so much weight on I didn't even need to check it - she is outgrowing her second set of clothes already! I think my milk must be quite fat and plenty too - but with my first daughter it just didn't 'reach' her in the beginning...

  2. I fed all 3 of my babies who are now all grown up and have children of their own and it was different for all 3 of them. I love to hand wash knits, I think they last longer.

  3. absolutely adorable little dress.....and even cute model!!!

  4. Das ist ja ein total niedliches Kleid. Und endlich kommt die Zeit wo man Wollkleider anziehen kann, den der Sommer kommt ja leider nicht mehr zurück. Ich finde deinen Blog sowieso total schön und gucke immer wieder rein, daher habe ich dich für den Liebster Award nominiert - wenn du Lust hast mit zu machen, kannst du gerne hier nachlesen - http://the-creativ-alpaca.blogspot.co.at/
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Abend und freue mich schon auf dein nächstes Werk

    Liebe Grüße aus den Bergen

    PS: unsere Babyschuhe fliegen auch immer irgendwo herum und sind überall, nur nicht an den Füßchen :)

  5. Adorable little dress :) I enjoyed reading about your breastfeeding experience and wishing you lot of joy!
    Yes, I absulutely hand wash my knitted garmets, except cotton ones. I handwash superwash merino also, because it last longer and in this case during washing it won't meet with anything which could felt them!
    Happy creaing :)

  6. Die Kleider sind ganz süss. Wenn mein zweites Kind ein Mädchen wird, würd ich gern sowas in Auftrag geben :)

  7. Wunderschön, dein Kleid. Ich würde es direkt nachstricken wenn ich es könnte. Liebe Grüße FadenFräulein


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